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Thursday, December 29, 2011

A few of My Favorite things

  Hey so, I recently found out that having a Blog was the new fad. And although I usually set fads instead of following them, I decided to follow one for ONCE.  Sooo without further ado, here's the Post!

A few of my Favorite things:
   1. Dutch Bros Caramelizer! Make it Hot please, and EXTRA whipped cream. AHHHHH...

My favorite sister introduced me to these on my thirteenth birthday and I have been addicted ever since. Thanks Kenz.

  2.  Placing Gum ball machines... in our room.

  3. Presents under the tree! My favorite time of year.

Both taken by me.

  4. Hot mugs of Delicious coco filled to the brim on a cold and rainy night.

  5. Blazing hot fires on Snowy nights. When the air looks like it could freeze you just looking at it, and the thought of bundling up tomorrow morning to go and play in the sweet, white, and sleek snow makes you just relax in a sense of total happiness.

Man! that was more elegant then I intended it to be...and Yes I did take this pic.

  6. Taking pictures.

Oh and if you see any of these that has written on it, it's because my mom edited them before I could get to it.  If you wanna see a real photographer in action you could check out my sisters blog. Just type in .

7. The Blazers

  8. The 49ers

  9. The Beavers...even if they aren't so good right now.

  10. My Fam.

My bud Caleb


My lil sissy Abbi

My baby sister Lily

My sis Kenzie...riding my bike.

My "To Cool For Pictures" Mom

Newlyweds Josiah and Monique.

The awesomest nephew in the WORLD.

2nd cousin twice removed never mind. I have no relationship to him.

My bro Jason, Sis-in-law Naomi (tho she's pretty much my sister) and their son.

The best Dad and Mom that I've ever had :)

The Whole Fam


Ashley said...

I love your blog, Jon Jon, and I love this post! :) Miss you all!

innominatus said...

The pic of Gollum is actually a self-portrait of Jon-Jon when he first wakes up in the morning. :)

Glenn said...

Good stuff! I hope that isn't supposed to be double cousin. ;)

Patti said...

I love you, from your favorite mama:) oxox

Monique soon to be Rice said...

Hahaha. Yay Jon Jon is posting. i prolly should be saying... oh no..

jonathan rice said...

Inno: True True.
Glenn: whatever you say double cuz.
Monique: You're probably right.

Monique soon to be Rice said...

Jon jon: I am always right.

jonathan rice said...

Of could I forget?

Brandon said...

shall i make a list of the qualities that make you a kenzie wannabe?

1. You like photography
2. You have a strange addiction to Dutch Brothers Coffee
3. You have an abnormally large title graphic for your blog
4. You steal her camera to facilitate your own "hobby"
5. You both posted on your favorite things
6. You envy her so much that you have tricked yourself into believing that her bike is actually yours
7. You wear skinny jeans (I have yet to find concrete evidence, but just you wait...)

Brandon said...

Tyler!!! Rockin the bracelet!!! Who made it it? probably some stud...

jonathan rice said...

shall I make a list of quantities that make you a...well I have yet to figure out what you are, BUT here goes.
1. you don't capitalize your I's
2. you have a secret love for Barbie
3. you have a lame Blog Header.
4. you don't steal your mom's camera because you're not a stud like me
5. you wear dora the explorer underwear
6. you wear Britney Spears Cologne
7. you aren't even cool enough to pull up your own pants
........have of these I just thought up but I'm sure there true.

Captain America said...

I told him we should get a cooler blog Header, but he does have a point... And how did you know about the underwear, cologne and his pants.

jonathan rice said...

I'm just hot like that. Something Brandon obviously isn't.

Lori said...

Great pics jon jon - love you and miss you!

jonathan rice said...

Thnx aunt lori. You made my day...especially since i had to go to the dentist and have all this painful stuff thrown in my mouth.

Race Bannon said...

Simmer down! Simmer down!

Captain America said...

Just wait until you have to have a route canal, then you can whine to me.

Anonymous said...

Oh yah and not to mention thos slick awsome RAYBANZ that are in the picture of you with them on!
I wish I had A pare!