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Saturday, February 25, 2012


We won today, we finally broke the fifty point barrier. Cheldelin1 is also 4-0 and we play them next week. AT THEIR HOME! We won today against Cheldelin2, 52-12. This kid on our team- Hank- banked in a shot from the free-throw line, and I know that's not incredible or anything but it was for him. Hank is our assist-er, he hadn't even taken ONE shot all season until today. He's humble, quiet, respectful to the coach, and a good friend. He's also VERY calm. Hank is probably one of my best friends on the team. When he came to the bench after hitting the shot he was SO happy. I was also pretty darn happy to. I'll post videos later cuz' I have to go right now.


Race Bannon said...

Are you gonna start calling him Hank the Bank? Then, when he comes on to the court you can start chanting, "Hank the bank, hank the bank..." and then you can taunt the other team, "Oh man, he is about to make a deposit!"

Lori said...

Awesome Jon Jon!! Congrats!!

jonathan rice said...

Ummm... no Uncle, we're not gonna do that. But we have this guy Theo on our team and he practically narrates the whole game. So his constant lines when Hank is on the court are, "That there is Hank-elicious." Or, "Oh and Humble Hank steps on to give us a reason to be Hankful." I think one of these game Theo is gonna get a technical foul.

Abbi joy said...

That game was SO close....not.
Oh gosh our team creamed them!
Congrats on the game!
I loved the part in the game where they had to take the score down because you were beating them to badly!
And then theo swooshed a 3!
So that game claimed to be the COOLEST game I have EVER seen!!
SO ya congrats jonathan!

well of course I was at the game.
But still CONGRATS!