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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sunset Smiles

Jackson is my lil' buddy. He's also very photogenic. We went out tonight as it was getting dark and the kids ran and jumped in the sunshine, enjoying the start of sunny days. They flew down the slide, went into the little house beneath it, played train going down the slide, and overall had big fat blast. Here are the pics.

Jackson's idea.

Caleb was SO happy.

Then he gave a victory speech

Noah. And yes that is Caleb taking the recycling from the street.

And I...
Well I chilaxed in the warm, inviting sun.

My shades.

Take not: THIS IS CALEB. I took this one of Caleb,
 so that I could get an idea of how I wanted my pics to look
(just so that you know that I'm much taller)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Champs 2.0

Kentucky WINS!!!! Kentucky WINS!!! Here was my bracket. Put your bracket scores in the comment section and we'll see if you beat me.

I laughed my head off when I went to the Women's Tournament and there was this article by some women analyst and the first sentence was: "You can't say women's basketball is predictable anymore."

I looked and guess what? In the Elite Eight all the 1 seeds AND 2 seeds were there...Oh and I also checked and the person who got the most games right only had six wrong. In the Mens Tournament the least wrong by anybody was 12. Yeah women's basketball is still PREDICTABLE. And don't get me wrong, I like women's basketball just as much as the next guy... MEANING NOT AT ALL.