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Thursday, June 14, 2012


This kid...never mind just watch and you will learn the incredible knowledge of Jackson Rice boy of destiny(-calvin and hobbes).

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I know I know/Moving

I know I haven't posted lately but I have a good excuse...oh wait, no I don't. And I know you know that we are moving but I have nothing else to blog about soooooo, WE'RE MOVING!!!!!!!!!! We are moving into Timberhill. There is this lady that is letting us rent at an EXTREMELY low price... I think. Anyway we are all pretty excited, also we are starting to pack...well for some of us we have to pack AGAIN. See, caleb packed his stuff the day after we figured out we had to move... then he unpacked it the week before we found out about moving to Timberhill.

Upside about moving: One mile away from nice tennis courts, Airsoft forests EVERYWHERE, basketball courts just down the road, big back yard, alot of lawn business for Tyler Caleb and I, sunroom, a room for us three older boys, two story, laundry chute, almost walking distance to Winco and Ross, Nice quiet neighborhood with lots of kids. Oh and we get to take Tilly(our dog)

Downside: We cannot take the cats with us:( Timberhill doesn't let you have free access to the gym, which is lame because it is supposed to be a community gym...and that's all I can think of, Oh yeah, I forgot, we also can't take our fort with if any of you want to fly down to Oregon and take it off of our hands in the next 2 weeks that would be great! For the small price of $399.99