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Saturday, July 14, 2012

New home

I really hate it when people don't post till three weeks later, THEN they post four times in one day.
But Internet was down so I'm catching up.

This new home has been really cool. Tyler Caleb and I go on walks through the trails every day, and every day when we go on walks we see a deer. A couple of days ago we went on the trail with my sister in law Monique and we saw five deer sitting next to each other! Well we set the pool up and got everything in the house ready. Well not exactly.
Hold on. I'm out of breath.

Here are some pics I took of the kids playing in the pool.
Lily is a crack up. Every time she gets in the pool she splashes everybody and screams.

 Lily, playing cards with Tyler and Caleb
Lily, right after she woke up

 In a happy-yet dazed- mood
 Oh and did she tell you? She's an avid tennis fan.

Noah loves the pool

Well there is my big fat catchup post. GOODNIGHT!


Monique Rice said...

The lily after she wakes up pic is super creepy! All the pics look great Jon Jon good job :)


wow, good job taking pictures. Lily is such a gem:)

Lori said...

Oh I love all the Lily faces...also totally love the homemade raft Lily is using...ingenuity at work...give everyone a huge kiss for me ;)

Captain America said...

Wanna Might run away to Oregon...