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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I like Planes

I like planes, maybe I'll be a pilot. After seeing this I LOVE planes


Monday, August 27, 2012


Jackson and his floor routine won the most votes so a professional photographer took some high-end pictures of him. Ok the photographer was me and I only snapped four pictures but STILL.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

It's called talent, And these kids gots it

This was Caleb's talent. He can sing good can't he? I don't know where he thought that perfume went into your armpits.


Noah for-realzies singing a song from a band named "like vines"  B.
This is Abbi singing taylor swift  C.
And Jackson doing a floor routine in the Olympics. This could be worth "Gold Medal Greatness"  D.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Team USA Wins.

Team USA WINS the basketball Gold Medal game versus Spain, even when Spain played dirty. At one point in the game Kevin Durant went up for a dunk and someone for Spain put him in a headlock. Not to mention they were flopping throughout the game. Here are the highlights.

Also USA won the most Medals. Biggest Highlights for USA were:

Serena Williams won both the Singles title in Tennis and the Doubles title with her sister Venus.

Team USA won Gold in Basketball. Both Men's and Women's.

Women's Gymnastics won Gold in the team competition, Gabby Douglas won Gold in the individual all around competitions, and Ally Raisman won Gold in the individual floor routine's. I don't care if your not a fan of gymnastics, her routine was amazing.

Michael Phelps became the most awarded athlete to ever play in the Olympics with 22 medals all time.

And last but not least Usain Bolt won the 100m, 200m, and 4x400m relay race, setting world records on the 100m and 4x400 relay race. And I'm pretty sure he tied the record on the 200m. 3 gold in three races is kind of impressive. He did it in Beijing four years ago too.

OH! And I do know he's from Jamaica but his last name is Bolt. SO there.

Saturday, August 11, 2012


The NBA is getting ridiculous. This preseason the Heat(2011 season champs) signed Ray Allen, All Star. To go with Lebron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade. all of them All Stars
The Lakers signed Steve Nash- All Star- and Dwight Howard -All Star-. To go with Kobe Bryant, and Pau Gasol. All All Stars.

All of this comes out to the NBA being completely scripted and the only people who care are the fans of the teams with ALL STAR STARTING FIVE'S.

So I want to go on the record for saying that I think The championship game this year will be the Heat vs the Lakers. Everybody else is just playing for 3rd place. Which is just second LOSER.

Oh and don't get your hopes up faithful followers of team beside the Lakers and Heat, their not going anywhere and neither is my team.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


I remember when noah was about four he saw The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and all he cared about was WOLF-DOGS. Every single day, "Noah what are you doing?" "Being a Wolf-Dog".
So we saw this in the car last night and I thought immediately about Noah and the Wolf-Dogs.
look in the back of the car.

 Note to All: I do understand that these are NOT "Wolf Dogs" but they look similar.