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Sunday, September 30, 2012


Beavs won twice yesterday. Once against Arizona and once against the refs. Seriously the refs tried to give them the game.
Niners won 34-0 against the jets.
And by the way John Tonnemacher told me that if he were in a room with Justin Bieber and the Arizona Wildcats with a gun and two bullets, he would shoot the Wildcats twice. Apparently he hates them. But still. Oregon state is now 3-0 and #14 in the top 25

Friday, September 28, 2012

I am Devastated/Excited

My rude, stupid, lame, dumb, brother Josiah beat me in fantasy football by 3 points, the replacement refs screwed the packers over. Thank God their gone. Not that I'm a fan of the Packers but I definitely hate the Seahawks. (that's who they were playing).
Niners lost to the lame Vikings.
But I am so excited to be having my friend John Tonnemacher staying with us for 2 days next week...or the week after. He lives in Arizona and I haven't seen him since I was 7 or 8!
We are gonna play air-soft and basketball and be cool. Oregon State plays Arizona tomorrow so it's John's state VS mine! May the best BEAVER win!!!!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I know eight days right?

I know I know it's been an entire week since I posted but I have a good excuse. This was the second week of school, and the second week of school is always the most chaotic. Sort of.
Ok not really, but still. These are all my excuses.
1. I had school work to do.
2. We just got Madden12 for the Wii and I HAD to play it.
3. I am the owner of a fantasy league and have to write posts that mock everyone else.(Especially my terrible cousins the Kopps)
4. I was busy going to play basketball.
5. Kenzie, Josiah, Tyler, Caleb and I went up into the hills and played airsoft.
6. I was to excited about the 9ers beating the Lions.
7. I was/am pumping myself up for the Beaver game this week.
8. I was/am thinking up more excuses. And that's my excuse.

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Perfect Weekend

Beavs won against number 13 Wisconsin 9ers won against Packers.

Life is Good. I usually hate these shirts but I actually love this one.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Disembodied Hand/Children's Church

On Sunday nights we have Children's Church. It's for the kids. Well I'm a young servant(helper) and I help Jason and Naomi or Josiah and Monique every 3rd Sunday night (Tyler and Caleb take turns with me).
This week we acted out a play about Jason, Naomi, and I going on a camp-out. This is pretty much how it went. We all pretended to be little kids:
  Billy and Sally (Jason and Naomi) are excited to have their FIRST camp-out in their backyard. They can't believe Mom is letting them have it by themselves. Jonathan(me) comes for a little while and tells a scary story.  "The disembodied hand was sawed off at John Smith was the owner of the hand. He died because it got sawed of and he lay writhing in pain until he died. The legend is that the disembodied hand roams the earth strangling people. And the First person to see it is It's next VICTIM!" At that moment I flick a flashlight on, beam it at my face, shove my hand up my shirt and act like the hand is choking me. Kids start screaming and laughing. Jason and Naomi are scared and then Rufus (a real-live puppet) comes and tells them about a bible verse that says that when they lie down at night their sleep will be sweet. PROVERBS 3:24. Here are some pics of my pajamas for the camp-out.
Needless to say Children's Church was a big hit tonight.