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Monday, November 5, 2012

My Prediction

I made my own chart for the election and...,AK_5,FL_5,NH_5,MI_5,VT_5,ME_5,ME2_5,RI_5,NY_5,PA_5,NJ_5,DE_5,MD_5,VA_5,WV_5,OH_5,IN_5,IL_5,CT_5,WI_5,NC_5,DC_5,MA_5,TN_5,AR_5,MO_5,GA_5,SC_5,KY_5,AL_5,LA_5,MS_5,IA_5,MN_5,OK_5,TX_5,NM_5,KS_5,NE_5,NE2_5,SD_5,ND_5,WY_5,MT_5,CO_5,ID_5,UT_5,AZ_5,NV_5,OR_5,WA_5,CA_5
I just think it will be a pretty big win for Romney.


Danielle said...

well you made Johnny laugh (:

jonathan rice said...


Lindsey said...

Hi! I was just wondering if you brother Jason and SIL Naomi's baby arrived and if it was a girl or boy? I follow all your families blogs and they havent updated theres yet. Thank you!

Lindsey said...

Has you brother Jason and SIL Naomi brought home there baby?

jonathan rice said...

Unfortunately it didn't work out. :(