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Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Easter morning we woke up and did an easter egg hunt. I don't have alot of pics but check my moms blog. Trust me, I look like a weirdo in EVERY ONE. Except for the one's with the flowers.
Here are some good ones. Of me.

Happy be-lated Easter.

P.S. Don't ever try to play basketball in church clothes.


Naomi said...

Ha! Love the last shot! Did abbi take it?

Tyler Rice said...

I'm still wondering how Abigail got that picture and how you held that pose while I drained the shot! Clearly amazing. Good thing I hit that in one try!

jonathan rice said...

Abbi took all of them:)
Tyler: If I had let you take that shot we would have been there all day.

Brandon said...

isnt the "Of me" implied?

Mrs. K said...

You are quite handsome and I see that you are probably taller than I am. We shall see sometime in May. Love you, Grammi

Abbi rice said...

Ehm, your welcome Jonathon!