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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hoop Dreams

We got done with a week of conference and were leaving on Saturday.
Tyler Caleb and I decided to stay back in Mcminnville with Mackenzie because they were having a reggae concert night. Before the concert a guy named Daniel Duran was teaching Kenzie how to do different angles with a camera and how to make videos look better. (their starting a business with Daniel's twin, David) We went to our friends the O'halloran's house to shoot a video so Kenzie could practice. Daniel made the video last night and sent it to us this morning. IT'S AWESOME!
Here's the link:)

Plus we got to stay the night with our best friends the Altringers:)



innominatus said...

Nice. Looks very professional.

Race Bannon said...

Very meticulous, eloquent, and natural. Eh...

Mrs. K said...

Amazing video. You boys are looking so mature, no more little guy faces.