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Thursday, April 10, 2014

How life has been

I realize blogging is somewhat a thing of the past. BUT I don't want the people who DO check the blogger feeds every day to think I never post. So... Life has been good, we finished the basketball season with a 6-4 record, Tyler and I bought a training program for the off-season and are going at it every day for an hour and a half. Conference is next week and we are all super excited for that. I can't wait to see my friends because I haven't seen some of them for 6 months! And my Gramma is coming the week after conference so we will get to spend ALOT of time with her! I'm finishing up my Junior year in high school and still don't know what I want to do with my life... should I know that by now?
Anyway I'm excited for summer because: I'm getting a job, I'm getting my permit (with a lot of convincing my parents), and there's always next basketball season to look forward too!
Well that about sums up my life for you, I'll post again in six months! Haha just kidding I'm going to try to post more often... but if that turns out like my new years resolutions you won't hear from me for a while... so long!